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Due to the huge quantities of unwanted, off subject e-mail (spam) I am now receiving I have taken the step of removing my e-mail address from all my pages. However don't worry you can still contact me by leaving a message in my customised 'Contact Colin' guest book provided by HTMLGear.

So if you want to contact me about any of the following: a new job, the AFBC web site, football memorabilia, music, my balloon ride, my photos, Cambridge United, travel, my local area or any subject covered in my pages click on the Contact Colin link below. A new window will be opened giving you a chance to leave me a message. If you don't want anyone else to read it click the private entry box. After entering the message it will be necessary to review it and confirm it by clicking the Add to Guestbook button. Then return to this window and press the browser's BACK button to get back to where you started.

Contact Colin

If you want to contact me about any of the following: signing up with your employment agency, sending your country's president lots of cash, taking out a USA mortgage even though I live in England, entering your lottery, signing up for your pay site, paying to have the size of parts my body increased or decreased, to tell me one of your jokes, to try and sell me your company's goods or any other off subject matter then PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER!!!!!

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