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Football Player Shaped Badges

Sometimes referred to as figurines. I first started collecting these after visiting a football memorabilia exhibition in Plumstead, London, in the early 90’s. On display there was some of the English type made by Badges Plus Ltd of Birmingham. I am currently collecting particular types of these badges from England, Scotland, The Netherlands (Holland), Old Czechoslovakia and Hungary. I have listed the badges in my collection below. Also included is a sample picture of each type, and some brief details.


Made before the split of Czechoslovakia into the two separate countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia. Painted badges. Stick pin fitting. 29 mm tall. I believe I possess the whole set of these, but stand to be corrected. I think Zal and the year refers to the year the club was formed.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • Banik Ostrava – Zal 1922
  • Dukla Praha – Zal 1948
  • Dukla B. Bystrica – Zal 1964
  • Inter Bratislava – Zal 1953
  • Lokomotiva Kosice – Zal 1946
  • Jednota Zilina – Zal 1908
  • Jednota Trencin – Zal 1905
  • Sparta Praha – Zal 1893
  • Slavia Praha – Zal 1893
  • Slovan Bratislava – Zal 1919
  • Sklo Union Teplice – Zal 1945
  • Spartak Trnava – Zal 1925
  • TJ Sonp Kladno - Zal. 1903
  • VCHZ Pardubice – Zal 1925
  • VSS Kos’ice – Zal 1952

England Style 1

Made by Badges Plus Ltd of Birmingham, England. Painted badges. Has a brooch pin fastening. 34 mm tall.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • Arsenal
  • Bristol City
  • Chelsea
  • England
  • Forest
  • Grimsby
  • Ipswich
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Man. Utd.
  • Palace
  • Q.P.R.
  • Spurs
  • Watford
  • Wimbledon
  • Wolves
  • Wrexham

Other badges of this type which I know exist:

  • Albion (West Brom)
  • Blues (Birmingham)
  • Rangers (Red Shirt)
  • Sheffield Utd
  • (Aston) Villa
  • West Ham

England Style 2

Made by various different manufacturers. I only have retro style badges based on very old and rare badges of the same shape. Enamel badges. Have a brooch pin fastening. Around 34 mm tall.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • Arsenal (Red Shirt, White Shorts, Red Scroll).
  • Arsenal (Red Shirt, White Shorts, White Scroll).
  • Arsenal (Yellow Shirt, White Shorts, Blue Scroll).
  • Arsenal (Yellow Shirt, White Shorts, Yellow Scroll).
  • Morecambe (Red Shirt, Black Shorts, Red Scroll).
  • Morecambe (Yellow Shirt, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Scroll).
  • Southampton (Red/White Short, Black Shorts, Black Scroll).

Original old badges of this sort which I know exist that I would love to add to my collection:

  • Airdrieonians
  • Bristol City
  • Coleraine
  • Grimsby Town
  • Huddersfield
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester United
  • Newcastle United
  • Rangers
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • West Ham United


Old badges. Any one know the year they were made? Some have team names, some don’t. I think even those without names represent certain clubs. Enamel badges. Stick pin fitting. 22 mm tall.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • Fradi
  • Honvèd
  • Green shirt, white shorts, green socks (just like Fradi).
  • Mauve shirt, white shorts, mauve socks.
  • Red shirt, blue socks, red socks.

Netherlands Style 1

Painted stick pins. All players are in the same pose but some variations in the size of the green ‘pitch’ where the team name appears. 24 mm tall. I have been told that some of the abbreviations stand for team slogans and mottos rather than team names.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • A.G.O.V.V.
  • Blauw-Wit
  • D.O.S.
  • Go-Ahead
  • Helmondia ’55
  • Heracles
  • M.V.V.
  • N.A.C.
  • Sittardia
  • Telstar
  • Volendam

Netherlands Style 2

Painted stick pin. I have only one badge of this type so far. 26 mm tall.

The only badges of this type in my collection:

  • D.W.S.

Netherlands Style 3

Painted stick pin. 25 mm tall.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • De Graafschap
  • De Volewijckers
  • D.H.C.
  • Elinkwijk
  • Excelsior
  • R.B.C.
  • S.H.S.
  • V.V.V.
  • Veendam
  • Velox
  • Willem II

Netherlands Style 4

Painted stick pin. 24 mm to 28 mm tall. Bottom of badge where team name appears varies in size according to team name or slogan, colour at bottom also varies between green, and chrome coloured bare metal. Also some variations in the thickness of the player’s arms and angle of player’s head. The majority of my Dutch player badges are of this type. Many national and non Dutch clubs are represented.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • A.D.O.
  • Ajax
  • België (Belgium national team?)
  • Benfica
  • D.O.T.O.
  • D.W.S.
  • Emmen
  • F.C. Waeslandia Burcht
  • Feyenoord
  • Fortuna ‘54
  • G.V.A.V.
  • Go Ahead
  • Herenveen
  • Inter Milaan (Inter Milan)
  • M.V.V.
  • N.E.C.
  • Ned. Elftal (Dutch national team?)
  • P.S.V.
  • R.K.V.V.H.
  • S.C. Enschede
  • Sparta (red and white striped shirt)
  • Sparta (red and ‘metal’ striped shirt)
  • V.V. Den Bommel
  • V.V. Groote Lindt
  • W.W.V.


Made by Tradition of Ayr, Scotland. Small enamel badges with a clutch pin butterfly style fastening. No team names, but appear to be based on the colours of some of Scotland’s bigger clubs. Around 22 mm tall.

Badges of this type in my collection:

  • Black and white vertical striped shirt, black shorts, red socks.
  • Blue shirt, white shorts, red socks.
  • Green and white hooped shirt, white shorts, white socks,
  • Green shirt with white sleeves and ‘V’ neck, white shorts, green socks.
  • Green (plain) shirt, white shorts, green socks.
  • Maroon shirt, white shorts, maroon socks.
  • Orange shirt, white shorts, orange socks.
  • Red shirt with white sleeves, white shorts, red socks.