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[Waving Union flag]

Punk Rock and New Wave

[Waving Union flag]

Some recommended listenings :-

Nasty Nasty

The Adverts
Back from the Dead

Alternative TV
Love Lies Limp (1977)

Angelic Upstarts
Police Oppression

The Banned
Little Girl (1977)

The Business
Harry May

The Buzzcocks
Love You More (1978)
Orgasm Addict (1977)
Time's Up
What do I Get? (1978)

Cockney Rejects
Flares 'n' Slippers (1979)
Police Car We are the Firm (1980)

The Depressions
[The Depressions]
Living on Dreams (1977)

Thinking of the USA (1978)

Eddie and the Hot Rods
96 Tears (1976)
Get out of Denver (1976)
Gloria (1976)
Satisfaction (1976)

The Fall
Bingo-Master's Break-Out

Generation X
Day by Day (1977)

Boxerbeat (1983)

The Killjoys
Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (1977)

Leyton Buzzards
19 and Mad (1978)
Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees (1979)

The Lurkers
Ain't got a Clue
Freak Show (1977)
I Don't Need To Tell Her (1978)
Love Story (1977)
Pills (1978)
Shadow (1977)

Shot by Both Sides (1978)

The Mekons
Where were you?


Nipple Erectors
King of the Bop (1978)

Just Another Teenage Rebel (1978)

Don't Ring Me Up

Purple Hearts
Millions Like Us

Johnathan Richmond
Roadrunner (1977)

In a Rut (1979)

The Saints
This Perfect Day (1977)

Sham 69
Angels With Dirty Faces (1978)
Borstal Breakout (1978)
I Don't Wanna (1977)
Red London (1977)
Ulster (1977)
What Have We Got

Siouxsie & the Banshees
Hong Kong Garden (1978)

Slaughter and the Dogs
Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone (1977)

Stiff Little Fingers
Nobody's Heroes
Suspect Device (1978)

Suburban Studs
Questions (1977)

Subway Sect
Nobodys Scared (1978)

The Table
Do the Standing Still (Classics Illustrated) (1977)

U.K. Subs
I Live in a Car

The Undertones
Jimmy Jimmy (1979)
My Perfect Cousin (1980)
Teenage Kicks (1978)

The Users
Kicks in Style (1978)
[The Users]
Sick of You (1977)


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