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Colin's photo gallery

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Baby Colin, C.1961

Young Colin, C.1964

First Rupert Bear trouser picture, C.1964

Donkey ride, C.1966

Flares, turn-ups & heels, C.1977

Beard and dyed hair, C.1980

A hot action picture of me, 1981

Corfu 1989, taking my life in my hands on a hired scooter

Wembley Way, 26th May 1990, dressed in black & amber Rupert Bear trousers

The great Dion Dublin at Cambridge Corn Exchange in the early 1990's

Celebrating on the terraces at Dean Court, Bournemouth, 18th September 1993

[pie & mash]
Eating out in style at the pie & mash shop, Angel, Islington, London in 1998

Somewhere in 1998

A little worse for wear with Michael Kyd 1998

[the management]
With Roy McFarland and the late David Preece, CUFC Player of the Year Dance 1998

Millennium Dome 2000

[Local? 2003]
Are you local? Royston Vasey 2003

Antwerpen, Belgium, 2004

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast, 2006

Tallinn, Estonia, 2006

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