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Who were they?

They were a band that rehearsed and played in the Cambridge area of England in 1984 and 1985. The line up was as follows: Myself (Colin) on drums, Sam on vocals and guitar, Clive on Saxaphone, Kim on bass guitar, and Sarah on vocals. Personally I thought there were soul, jazz and pop sides to the band. The best way to decide for yourself is to have a listen to the start of one of my favourite songs, Big Chance, by clicking here (might take a while to load). The band did a grand total of 5 gigs - there are further details below.







8th December 1984 - The Lord Butler Centre, Saffron Walden, Essex

We were bottom of the bill, in a large sports centre venue. Not many in the audience when we went on as far as I can remember.

More in the band than in the crowd!


22nd December 1984 - Burleigh Arms, Cambridge

This gig was much better, played at the packed pub, just a few days before Christmas.

Set list from the gig.


19th April 1985 - Burleigh Arms, Cambridge

Another packed night at the Burleigh.


June 1985 - The Pink, Punk, Pimms event at New Hall College, Cambridge

Perhaps the band's finest hour. Playing at this high class event, and supporting New Order. Sadly no photos of Compared to What! on stage, but some snaps of New Order taken on the night to give you a flavour of things.

Peter 'Hooky' Hook

Gillian Gilbert

The programme

On stage

Bernard Sumner


October 1985 - The Man in the Moon, Cambridge

A midweek gig I think. Still a good few people in the audience though.

The band performing their last live concert


The C.D.

A limited edition C.D. has been produced featuring some of the band's music. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Big Chance

  2. Alas!

  3. Glory Town

  4. Passport

  5. Right True End

  6. Dawn Falls

  7. Spires and Steeples

  8. Sunday Morning

  9. Big Chance

  10. Glory Town

  11. Right True End

  12. Apartment

  13. Bridge

  14. Bookie

  15. Spires and Steeples

  16. Passport

  17. In the Fists of Towns

  18. Alas!

  19. (NN4) Dawn Falls

Tracks 1-4 were recorded in September 1984

Tracks 5-7 were recorded in July 1985

Track 8 was recorded 27th June 1989 - and does not include the full band

Tracks 9-20 were recorded live at the Burleigh Arms on 19th April 1985

The C.D. cover

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