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I first started collecting football badges in 1990 to keep track of the British football grounds I had visited. Originally I was just collecting one from each club whose ground I had visited. This has now snowballed to me collecting as many badges as I can afford from any British League, Non-League and foreign clubs whose ground I have visited. I am also attempting to collect all Cambridge United badges ever issued. I have also taken to collecting certain other groups of badges. My main collecting interests are categorised below. Note on some occassions I have used reference numbers to refer to badges, these reference numbers relate to the Association of Football Badge Collectors' (AFBC) catalogue. If you would like to know more about the AFBC then go here for details. Click here to view some of the football badges I have available for exchange.

[Colin in Belgium] At the 2001 Antwerp meeting - click to magnify.

Cambridge United badges

I have supported this club since I was very young and am keen to complete my collection of U's badges. I am still on the lookout for CAM 24, the Junior U's badge. I would be interested in knowing how many people actually have this badge in their collection. I have seen no sign of it in the Cambridge area, and wonder if it was just a sample. I am not looking for CAM 21, the Abbey United (Cambridge United's previous name) Supporters Club badge any more, having purchased a copy in 1998 from an old lady who lived opposite the ground. I am interested in hearing about any colour variations regarding CUFC badges. I am always keen to obtain any United plastic insert or button badges which I do not already have. Click here to view my collection of U's badges.

[CAM24] A black and white drawing of the eagerly sought CAM 24 Junior U's badge. If you have a copy for sale please let me know, I will pay a fine price for this badge.

Badges from grounds visited

As I have visited a lot of the English Premiership and Football League grounds I am keen to obtain badges from these clubs. I also try and obtain badges from Non-League clubs I have visited, but some appear never to have issued, for example Thetford Town and Saffron Walden Town. I have visited a few foreign grounds and as a consequence I am always interested in getting badges from Bohemians and University College in Dublin, Sparta and Viktoria Zizkov in Prague, Juventus from Turin, HSV from Hamburg, and Real Mallorca from Spain.

[Grounds Visited] A selection of Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers and Plymouth Argyle badges from the 'grounds visited' part of my collection. Click the image for a magnified picture.

African badges

Following a trip to the African Nations Championships in Senegal I started collecting African Football Association badges, and badges commemorating African Nations Championships. I have now expanded this collecting interest to collecting African club badges and also African sides in any World Cup.

[Cameroon World Cup] A selection of badges issued for Cameroon's appearances in World Cups. Click the image for a magnified picture.
[African FA's] [African FA's] A selection of African FA badges. Click the images for magnified pictures.

Player figurine badges

I am trying to collect the set of painted player shaped badges with team name underneath issued by Badges Plus of Birmingham. I am also interested in similar badges issued around the world, badges from Holland for instance. Click here for further information about my figurine badge collection.

[Czech Figurines] A set of figurine badges issued in Czechoslovakia. Click the image for a magnified picture.

Gomm ball badges

Most collectors are only too keen to get rid of these, I think they look good all displayed together though. They are manufactured by R.E.V.Gomm of Birmingham. I would like to obtain the following issues of these badges :- Non-League D19, East Fife 4, Scots Non-League 32, N.Ireland 25.

[Gomms] Some items from my Gomm ball badge collection. Click the image for a magnified picture.

Euro '96 badges

I am still looking out for copies of several of these. If you have any badges commemorating the competition, especially issued by sponsors then please let me know. Click here to view an article I wrote on Euro '96 badges in December 1998. Many of these feature the Goaliath the lion mascot.

World Cup '98 badges

After collecting Euro '96 badges it seemed like a good idea to go for badges from the 1998 World Cup played in France. However there are appears to be literally hundreds of different badges available, my collection of these so far has been limited by my budget. Many of them feature the Footix the cockeral mascot.

[Gomms] Some badges from the World Cup held in France. Click the image for a magnified picture.

Football boot badges

In an attempt to collect sets of badges that should be cheap, because no one else was interested in them, I started to collect three different styles of football boot shaped badges. To date I have such badges representing clubs from England, Wales, Scotland and Belgium. Please note that I only collect the three styles of badges illustrated, nothing else. Click here to see further details on my boot badge collection.

[Boot 1] [Boot 2] [Boot 3] The three different styles of boot badges I collect. Click any image for a magnified picture.

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